Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DIY No Sew TuTu's

I am counting down the days till my sweet baby girl turns 4! I have already posted about the party plans and how to make a custom invite here but NOW I am going to finish the week with how to…

Make No Sew TuTu’s

Make Tinkerbelle Cupcakes


On Saturday I will be giving away a Tinkerbelle Necklace, a no sew Tutu AND a custom invitation (or card) design by Amber! It will be just like you were there! All you have to do is be a follower AND comment! You can leave one comment per post and each comment will count as an entry! Also, if you are a fan of Atl Mom Guide of Facebook then you get ANOTHER entry…just let me know (in the comments) that you are!

Now for today’s post

How to Make {CHEAP} No Sew Tutu’s

Once again I checked Etsy for tutu’s but the cheapest one I could find was $5 and that’s a little pricey (in addition to the necklaces) for a party favor so I ventured off to figure it out for myself! I looked at a bunch of different sites for the general ideas but honestly I kinda had to figure it out for myself in the end. LOTS of trial and error! I did however determine that it takes approx. 1.5 yards of tulle to make a toddler/youth size moderately fluffy tutu. I say moderately fluffy because you could def use MORE and make it MORE fluffy but I thought the fluff was enough for a party favor!

Does that make sense?

Oh and the tulle at my Hobby Lobby was on sale for $1.30 a yard.

You will need:

Tulle (at least 1.5 yards per tutu)

Elastic (I bought elastic at the store. Each pack has a yard in it which makes 2. HOWEVER I also saw someone who used elastic headbands which may be cheaper and would cut out a step!)


Step 1:

Lay out the tulle and cut it (does not need to be straight line) in 2-4 inch strips twice as long as you want the skirt to be. For example if you want the skirt to me 4 inches long cut it 8…make sense?

Step 2:

I bought the elastic at the fabric store so I had to cut it in half then get it back together. I sewed it together with a needle and thread (if I can do it so can you!) but if you used an elastic headband you could skip this step!

Step 3:

Fold the tulle in half making a loop. You can use as many strips as you want depending on how fluffy you want it.

Step 4:

Put the loop through the middle of the elastic circle then pull the end up through the loop in the tulle.

Step 5:


It took a little getting use to but after a couple I can make one in about 5 minutes (after step 1-2 are done). My favorite part is that it is VERY artistic. You can add or change the lengths to make it look so different and EVERYTHING is fixable! It is IMPOSSIBLE to screw this up…trust me! My hubby cut the yellow tulle WAY to short so I just used it with the orange which he cut a little long (FYI he is no longer helping) to make a very unique looking sun tutu!

Any questions?
Ask away!

OH and the final cost was approx. $2.50 each! Not too shabby!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Tinkerbelle Cupcakes…and order some Tastefully Simple to support St. Jude Children’s Hospital!

What is the BEST birthday party your kids have been to or had?

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  1. question on this to make it fluffier do i take 2-3 piecies and loop them all at once? how do I make it more fluffy? i am thinking 3 yards of tulle for each tutu