Friday, March 12, 2010

Cupcake Pallozza!

Today is the final day of prep for little miss Haleys birthday party! We have the place, the invites sent, and the goody bags ready! The last step is….THE CAKE!!!

Now anyone who knows me knows I am a birthday cake snob! I love to have the most original and fun cakes for my kids parties and have a GREAT lady who makes them for me.

(She doesn’t have a website but if you are in the Atlanta area and want her info let me know! )

However this year the budget is VERY tight and even though my cake lady would have given me a great deal I decided it would be better to attempt to make them myself. Usually before I call her about a party I search the internet for cake ideas, email her the pictures, and end up with cakes that looks like THIS:

YES that is Spiderman climbing up the cake!!!

So I searched the internet for ideas and came across:

I can do THAT…right?????

I got my cake mix and icing for about $0.40 each so that saved a good deal of money! I them purchased the following:

Tinkerbelle cupcake liners $2.00
Pink Sprinkles $2.00
Wilton 10 color pack (a bit of a splurge but I have been wanting these and they will last FOREVER!) $10.00

Fondant Items:
Marshmallows $0.89
2lb powder sugar $1.20

So total spent is $18.00 (including my lifetime supply of color)

Now I decided to venture into Homemade Fondant thanks to


HERE is her SUPER easy recipe!

I will update as I go but here are the first pictures…fondant is DONE!

I asked him to smile and got THIS.....

For the record we have owned this sifter thing since we got married 7 years ago...and today is the FIRST time I have used it!

Is it just me or does she look older...{{crying}}

Next while hubby made…

And what happens when you have too many cupcakes and left over fondant…

and don't forget Quality Control

So the GRAND total was $6.oo for over 30 super cute custom cupcakes! (since I didn't end up using the $2 sprinkles)
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  1. I've totally been wanting to try this myself. I'm also a "cake snob" whom opted for custom fondant/buttercream 3 tier cake plus Smash for my daughters 1st birhday. And had to decide btw a "cake wonder" or inflatable jumpie castle this year. So I scaled back the cake sorta, lol, and the kids had a blast.

    Browsed in by searching my UT location on Google and ours were the same (Twitter).

    Going to give this a shot...

  2. nice blog :)
    Let`s follow each other sweetie!