Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DIY {CHEAP} Tinkerbelle Necklaces

I am counting down the days till my sweet baby girl turns 4! I have already posted about the party plans and how to make a custom invite here but NOW I am going to finish the week with how to…

Make Tinkerbelle Necklaces

Make No Sew TuTu’s

Make Tinkerbelle Cupcakes


On Saturday I will be giving away a Tinkerbelle Necklace, a no sew Tutu AND a custom invitation (or card) design by Amber! It will be just like you were there! All you have to do is be a follower AND comment! You can leave one comment per post and each comment will count as an entry! Also, if you are a fan of Atl Mom Guide on Facebook then you get ANOTHER entry…just let me know (in the comments) that you are!

Now for today’s post

How to Make {CHEAP} Party Favor Necklaces

Our theme this year is Tinkerbelle! So I first searched Etsy and Ebay for cute cheap necklaces. Last year I found SUPER cute bottle cap Ariel necklaces for a great price! To bad this year I had no such luck so I was forced got to make them myself.

First I found these on Etsy for $0.80 each!

PLUS since I was ordering 14 of them the seller gave me a discount on shipping…this is one of the GREAT things about Etsy! If you are buying in bulk a lot of sellers will give you some kind of discount. I figure that it doesn’t hurt to ask! The worst they could say is no right?!

Next I had to decide what to make the necklaces out of. Luckily while walking around hobby lobby looking for ribbon for Cora I found THIS:

How perfect!

So I bought 3 rolls for less than $3 each.

I happen to have the circle link things (so professional I know) so I did not have to buy them but I can’t imagine they would be more than $2…maybe?

All I did was add the circle link thing to the charm

Fold the ribbon to fit through the circle


Total Cost: $1.60 each

I made the ribbon long enough to tie and I think it turned our pretty cute. I may also secure the edges somehow…if you have worked with ribbon before and have a suggestion I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for No Sew TuTu’s!
and order some Tastefully Simple to support St. Judes!

What is something YOU have made for a birthday party?

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