Monday, November 23, 2009

Can I be YOUR Party Planner????

Party planning is something I have always LOVED doing for my kids and friends! I was always complimented on how fun, nice, creative, etc. my parties were which was ALWAYS followed by “you should be a party planner!” OK! So here is my attempt at being a party planner! Have a planned a party for someone besides my close family and friends…no…but I REALLY wants to! That’s where you come in! I can plan a local party (in Atlanta area) or I can plan it for you across the country (yay for e-mail and internet!) I am currently offering the following services:









Goodie bags

Are you looking for some hands on help at your party? I can do that too! Have an out of this world idea but not sure how to make it happen? I bet I can! Take a look a my pictures from previous parties and let me know what you think!

Past Parties